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Teeth Whitening for Discolored Teeth

Diet, lifestyle, aging, heredity, environment, disease, and the side effects of certain medications all contribute to the staining or discolored teeth. Even if you abstain from known tooth-staining agents such as tobacco, red wine, coffee, and other dark beverages, some degree of discoloration is inevitable. Fortunately, there are a few cosmetic dentistry treatments available to reverse the effects of staining and discoloration.

Stains and Tooth Whitening

The most common culprits of tooth staining include:

  • Tobacco use
  • Coffee
  • Dark teas
  • Colas
  • Red wine

Many fruits and vegetables including beets and apples will also stain teeth over time. If you are concerned about whether a substance will stain your teeth, keep this rule of thumb in mind: if it will stain fabric, it will stain your teeth. Furthermore, poor oral hygiene will speed up the staining process, as plaque buildup will trap stain-producing substances.

Tooth whitening is an excellent way to get rid of discoloration and provide you with a bright, vibrant smile. Dr. Firouzi uses the Kurthy Deep Bleaching method to remove stains to your teeth. This procedure uses a hydrogen peroxide gel to remove stains and can be completed in one visit to our office.

Other Causes of Discoloration and Other Treatments

Tooth discoloration is not always the result of staining. Therefore, bleaching procedures are not the answer for everyone. There are several diseases, treatments, and medications that are known to contribute to permanent discoloration. Some antibiotics cause tooth discoloration in children whose teeth are still developing. Various antihistamines, antipsychotic drugs, and antihypertensive drugs have also been shown to cause varying degrees of discoloration.

Normal wear and tear will also cause your teeth to become discolored as you age. This occurs as the white, outer enamel of your teeth wears down, exposing the yellow-colored dentin that lies beneath the enamel.

The best methods of treating these forms of discoloration include:


Porcelain provides the added benefit of being highly resistant to staining. Your teeth may benefit from a combination of tooth whitening and porcelain treatments. At your consultation, Dr. Firouzi will discuss the appropriate treatment plan for you.

Discolored teeth with Dr. Firouzi

Dental Consultation in Pittsburgh

Any successful cosmetic dentistry procedure must begin with a thorough initial consultation. Dr. Firouzi provides a complimentary initial consultation to all of his patients that usually lasts anywhere from a half hour to forty five minutes. Here is what you can expect during your consultation with Dr. Firouzi:

  • A thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and jaw. X-rays and other technologies may be necessary depending on the desired cosmetic or neuromuscular procedure.
  • A review and discussion of your medical and dental history.
  • A thorough discussion of all dental concerns you may have, as well as your aesthetic goals and expectations. Photos of your teeth may be taken that you and Dr. Firouzi can look at together, so that you can be precise about what it is that you want to achieve with your cosmetic dentistry procedure.
  • A discussion of which cosmetic or neuromuscular dentistry treatments are best for you. You will be shown a number of before and after photographs to give you a better idea of what to expect from your treatment. Dr. Firouzi will also discuss any possible alternative treatments with you at this time.
  • A discussion about costs and financing options.

Getting the Most Out of Your Consultation

The success of your cosmetic procedure will depend heavily on your ability to communicate candidly with your dentist about your goals, expectations, and any other dental-related issues. Choosing to undergo a cosmetic dentistry procedure is always a very personal decision. Many of our patients have found it helpful to write out a list of concerns beforehand to ensure that nothing is left out of the discussion.
Dr. Firouzi and his team take extra care to ensure that you feel at ease during your visit. We know that choosing a cosmetic procedure can be difficult, especially when considering the high cost of some procedures. We will work with you to find financing options that you will feel comfortable with.